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LATER is taking a break

We are adjusting to the new realities and constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, with so much still unknown. Currently the entire LATER team is in lockdown in Rennes and Paris, France. While we believe in the LATER project, we recognize that our products are not critical in the current struggle...

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100% recycled

WHY DID WE CHOOSE TO USE ONLY 100% RECYCLED FABRIC? RECYCLED OR ORGANIC? Millions of tons of used textile fibers, more each day, and they are just waiting to be used. In trying to adhere to circular economy principles, we prefer the option where no new material is produced....

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LATER…The Project

The LATER project is the desire to do things, in our own way. We are 3 longtime friends, French and American. We share many of the same values, and the same need to create something. In November 2018. A beer, an idea, the common need to make sense of...

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