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This summer Shambala casino opens doors in Primorye

This summer Shambala casino opens doors in Primorye

online casinosThis summer Shambhala casino opens doors in Primorye The opening of a second casino is being prepared in the Primorye gambling zone. Shambhala will be the company of the still only casino Tigre de Cristal, which has been operating there since 2015. Shambhala was one of the last to announce that it would be rebuilding in Primorye, and the company's owners turned out to be the most agile, outstripping other competitors. Several other companies have announced their plans for this gambling zone. In the future, several more casinos should open there. Selena was promised to be launched in 2020, followed by the Moon Gate project, and Sun

is scheduled to open in 2022

... On this topic, the UK Government will support gambling operators. Earlier it was reported that the Shambhala casino will open its doors in July. But apparently the opening is delayed, and now it is already talking about the launch this summer. According to some reports, the problem is not that the gambling establishment is not ready to receive guests, but the delay in the construction of the infrastructure leading to the casino. Shambhala begins work at a not entirely favorable moment, since the coronavirus still holds back many within its countries. And the casinos of this gambling zone rely mainly on foreign punters from Japan, China, South Korea and Cambodia. Moreover, Tigre de Cristal is now working half-heartedly due to mandatory security measures.wolf treasure free play The same fate will befall Shambhala.